Obtaining a Doctoral Degree from JGU

At Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), doctoral degrees can be obtained in a variety of disciplines: protestant and catholic theology, management and economics or law, medicine and dentistry, humanities and social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, sports, art theory or art education as well as music theory and music education.

Before embarking on the pursuit of a doctorate, information on the applicable admission requirements should first be gathered. These are laid down in the doctoral degree regulations of the faculties and institutions and provide information on, among other aspects, the admissible university degrees, possible exceptions and the group of people entitled to supervise. Moreover, additional formalities have to be followed in order to enroll as a doctoral student. This applies in particular to prospective doctoral candidates holding degrees which they obtained abroad.

The admission to the structured postgraduate programs is, as a supplement to the admission requirements set by JGU, subject to special application procedures. The respective postgraduate programs, postgraduate research training groups and schools provide further information on these procedures.

JGU does not charge any tuition fees for the doctorate. Only where candidates officially enroll as doctoral students will they have to pay the regular semester fee. At the end of the doctoral phase a one-time doctoral fee has to be paid. The applicable statutory provisions (in German only) at state level stipulate the amount, due date, reduction of or exemption from this doctoral fee.

Of course, living costs and other expenses related to the doctorate have to be covered, however. There are various possibilities to cover these costs.